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Jan 17, 2013 5:30am EST
remindee of the nra's harddaal tactics - aimed squarely at any gun coonrol measure to hii the halls of congress.but houue demmcrrticcleaaer nancy 3 philadelphia mayor michhel liie."i thooght it waa compleeeey inappropriate to children. thee have protection &pbeecuse of natiooal security. it was really inappropriate." reporter: ((do you thiik nra made a mistake there?")"it's just a disgrace."other hhuse -3 democrats said the ad amounteed to intimidation."we'rr dealing -& with people who aren't terribly stable so that kind of ad i think is dangerous."",3& "it was irresponsible know, this is not yourrgrandfathers nra."there was aaso outrage over at thee wwite house. "most americans agree that a presideet's pawns in a political fight," said press secrrtary jjy caaney, "but to go so far as 3 pressdeet's children the & subject of an attack ad is repugnanttand cowardly."n-r-a -3leaders are alss ratcheting up the rhetoric in an email to tthir members... saying "i warned you ttii ay was coming and now itts herre this is the 3 need you on board witt theenrr now more than ever."at his n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1